The AGM of the CTC took place in London last weekend, and three members of the West Surrey committee (Mark Waters, Laurie Mutch and myself) attended, as well as Chris Jeggo and Juden.   We were there as all four of the contentious motions that had been tabled were proposed by either West Surrey Members personally, or on behalf of the Club. It is therefore entirely appropriate to report on proceedings for the benefit of West Surrey members.

We did not go with any great expectations, and that was a good job, for otherwise we would have been disappointed. However, our primary aim of raising awareness of our very firm view that CTC is now effectively run by the Chief Executive, instead of how it should be, as per the Articles, by the Council, comprising Councillor selected by members, was most certainly achieved. Our members own resolutions focused on the key decisions made recently, each of them reducing member benefits such as the redundancy of the Technical Officer. They also drew attention to the lack of communication from CTC nationally including, quite shockingly, the complete absence of any proper appreciation of the contribution made by Chris Juden, the former Technical Officer, over so many years. It was a pleasure for Laurie and myself to speak on the two resolutions put forward by David Wood and Angela Byrne, who unfortunately were unable to attend.

The specific motions opposed by Council were rejected, albeit with substantial minority support, but the West Surrey committee motion was upheld having been supported by Council – after all they could hardly say they were opposed to exercising their responsibility in determining their strategy for CTC.

Other members present remarked that we as a Centre had certainly got our act together and were able to present a cogent argument. We struck no killer blow, but it would require a very feeble Council, or one with a complete lack of self-awareness, not to realise that in future they have to demonstrate both that they are

responsible for strategy, and communicate clearly to members the reasons behind key decisions affecting the future of our own Club.


John Murdoch