Annoyed by overgrown cycling paths, as we were while en route to yesterdays’ Wednesday ride?  After a tip from Rico, I called the Highways Agency  (0300 123 5000). Their friendly “Local Area Team will get on with this clearing near Potters Lane along the A3 very shortly…but they are currently also quite busy so it may take a while.

Mimicking the example of an 80 year old Rambler in my area, I thought: why not grabb a pair of secateurs and clear up the worst bits?  It took an hour to clear up a 100 meter corridor this morning (about 10% of the overgrown path) and allowed me to pleasantly engage with many commuting cyclists using the paths.  I think they’ll also come back with secateurs this weekend!  Let’s start a movement, my friends; let’s do our bit in our area to make our paths at least passable to fellow cyclists until the Highway Agency gets on with the rest of the job.  (Louise Gagnon)

  1. I cannot agree more Peter on your definition of “what a community is all about”.

    Well put, Peter!


  2. Spot on Louise. Just the other week I was bugged by overgrowing vegetation obscuring the view of the road when leaving the office car park. Despite reporting it to employer as a H&S issue and ozens of others complaining “nothin dun”.
    5 minutes with the secateurs and a pair of gardening gloves and “no more problem”.

    These simple things are what community is all about. If there’s a problem not being fixed just do it if it’s within your capability.

    May you always ride on uncluttered paths