Cycling UK (formerly CTC) has its AGM on 7th May in Derby. The motions to be voted on
accompanied the April/May issue of Cycle magazine as a pull-out sheet. If your views on the way
the club has been run over recent months tallies with those of your own West Surrey CTC
Committee, you’ll probably feel compelled to vote. We hope you do!

If you want to learn about the background to the motions, then you need to look at David Cox’s
article in the magazine as well as the full Agenda in the magazine. Plus you should really also look
at Standing Order 6 and also the ‘Orders in Council’ for which there is a URL link in the magazine.
There are several ways to vote: please read the form carefully for full details. Briefly, these are as

(a) By post, remembering that you must return the form, duly signed and completed to the address
shown, by Thursday 5th May, so please post them with a 2nd class stamp by Monday 2nd May to
guarantee their arrival on time. Remember, if you make the Chairman your proxy, you’ll be
agreeing to everything Council wants to do with CTC / CUK unless you state how you want to vote
by completing the form fully. Alternatively, you can make Chris Jeggo your proxy – see below.

(b) Online, by 9am on Thursday 5th May.

(c) By attending the AGM in Derby. This now commences at 11.30am, not as previously

(d) By appointing a proxy who will vote according to your wishes. Chris Jeggo is attending the
AGM and would be very happy to act on your behalf in this matter. You can either tell him how
you want to vote by completing your voting form as appropriate, or simply trust him to vote as you
might expect your fellow club member to. In other words, you can direct him how to vote on all,
some or none of the 17 agenda items and leave the rest to his discretion. Then send your form to
him at 27 York Road, Woking GU22 7XH by 4th May or give the form to Chris on next Sunday’s
All Day Intermediates ride, next Wednesday’s WMW ride or the GGW ride on Sunday 1st
May. After that it will be too late.

The future of your club is at stake; make no mistake that massive changes have already taken
place and more are in the pipeline. This could be your last chance to have your say about the future
of your club, so please don’t ignore this post. If you don’t really care what happens so long as you
can just continue to ride your bike with your mates, please at least go to the trouble of giving Chris
your vote.


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  1. Thanks for the timely reminder Mark, my form is ready for posting!