Right now, three of us are booked on the Bike Bus to travel to Orange on 6 September, returning 21-22 September.  I am prepared to take one more, but the Bike Bus booking needs to be made soon, before it fills up on one of the journeys.

This is a moving-on, unsupported, carry-your-own-luggage tour of some of the scenic splendours of southern France.  The itinerary includes Mont Ventoux, Gorges de la Nesque, Grand Canyon de Verdon (both sides), Gorges du Cian, Gorges de Daluis, Col d’Allos, Col de la Cayolle.  For photos and other information see Sheila Simpson’s and Francis Cooke’s Virtual Alps website:  http://www.aukadia.net/alps/south/sfa.htm

I am not offering a fully organised package holiday.  We are a group of friends doing a tour together.  No accommodation is being booked in advance – finding rooms in September should not be a problem.  This is being done to keep the route as flexible as possible so that  it can be adapted to the weather, cope with mechanical or physical problems, or extended if everything goes wonderfully well.

The outline route totals 965km, 600 miles, over 15 days cycling – 40 miles per day.  A few days are mountainous, many are hilly, but you don’t need to be super-athletic provided you have low gears and can cycle uphill as slowly as me.

During a similar, but one day longer, tour in the Pyrenees last September my total spend was £1625 including all travel.  Sharing a room should produce a saving of around £300 per person.

I have good maps and a fair amount of tourist information;  I speak French well.  Get in touch with me as soon as possible to express an interest or ask me questions.  Phone: 01483 870218;  email: chris@jeggo.org.uk

Fantastic scenery, good roads, excellent food and drink, sunshine, good company!  What are you waiting for?