With the increase in the rate of Covid infections and the new “Rule of 6” regulation being introduced by the UK Government from Monday 14 September, we have been looking at how to revise the approach to WSCC club rides. The key principles are:

  • In the short term, we propose to limit all club rides to no more than 6 participants. This will require the larger club groups to arrange multiple rides (see further below), with non-overlapping start points and stops.
  • As the rules and requirements surrounding the latest Government regulations become clearer, and Cycling UK develops its guidance, it might well become possible for us to benefit from the exceptions for organised sport and to increase ride groups to 15. If/when that occurs, we will consult with WSCC members to assess whether there is an appetite to do so.
  • It is of course up to each individual to decide, based on their own circumstances, whether they feel comfortable participating in group rides.
  • It is essential that we all adhere to good standards of hygiene and personal distancing and the wearing of face masks indoors (e.g. at coffee/lunch stops).
  • Anyone who experiences, or who is living with someone who exhibits symptoms of Covid should stay at home and not participate in club rides.
  • In order to meet track and trace requirements, we should maintain a register of all ride participants.

It will take some time for us to adapt to these new requirements, so the arrangements we are putting in place should be seen as a work in progress, subject to revision.

Our smaller ride groups should be able to work within these new restrictions using existing informal arrangements. For our larger groups (notably the Midweek Wayfarer groups) we plan to use the “Spond” smartphone app (click here) in order to advertise and administer ride attendance. Details of the new WSCC MW Spond group will be communicated to members of the google mail group shortly. Spond is used successfully by other local cycling groups including Dorking Cycling Club, and we believe it will provide the functionality we require, and be easy to use.

We will post further details in due course.

If you have any questions or comments on the above, please feel free to contact me or any other member of the committee.