image1image2-3Louise Gagnon Louise Gagnon writes…. Elstead 100Elstead Audax 100 organisers took an exceedingly dim view over rumours of illegal drug usage.  Here Peter Hackman is pictured after one successful intervention. Thanks Peter for keeping this great annual event drugs-free! [ All joking aside, thanks to Nick Davison, Marion Davison, and Peter Hackman for organising such a wonderful event. The route was beautifully scenic, mostly traffic-free and also somewhat pothole-free as we rode mostly in Hampshire.  As always the presence of other riders coming from far and wide made the real difference. A gorgeous sunny day and 23 C really boosted our spirits as well.   Marion, thanks for the refreshments. If I were you I’d get Peter to assist with dishes; he seems so highly capable.

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  1. Again thanks to Nick, Marion and Peter for first class organisation and and support. Nick asked me for any improvements to the route and even now on reflection I can’t think of any. It is great to get into the atmosphere of the Alresford watercress festival even if it does cause delays so I am happy with the current dates. This year I applied common sense and did the Elstead 100, finishing in good form even after riding back to Farnham, instead of killing myself on the longer options in previous years.