Peter Hackman writes….
Despite the forecast five of us had a dry ride, until……(see later!). 
Geoff Smith jnr, Steve, Anne, Clive and I met at Godalming. Stopping for coffee at Petworth, we then made our way to the “The Forge” at Slindon for lunch. This is a new destination, which was only opened in Oct 2012. It is run by the community and seems to be very successful. (
They are very friendly and the food is good.
We then headed towards Midhurst but it was as we crossed the A285 that the storm caught us. We learnt later that Hayling Island had been hit by a tornado earlier in the day.
Paul Holmes, who had met us at Slindon stopped to put on his cape. We didn’t see him again, as he then decided on a different route home. I did worry that the strong wind had caught under his cape and lifted him into a tree!
The rain soon passed and we then had a good, if somewhat damp, ride home.