1. Chris… please don’t be so quick to criticise helmets. They could be a real asset in police investigations in cases of road rage against cyclists.

    A friend of ours – and member of CTC – who was cycling down Box Hill a fortnight ago had a collision with the boot of a car when the driver of the vehicle had suddenly slammed on the brakes a mere 3-4 meters ahead of our friend traveling at 18-20 MPH.

    In a funny twist of bad fate for the driver, the peak on our friend’s helmet had left a significant dent on that boot, thereby helping the police link this vehicle to the offence. Of course, our friend’s forehead may have actually left an equally impressive dent on the boot of the car, so helmets are certainly not the panacea WRT evidence left at the crime scene to support a road rage case. A good strong skull is I am sure equally effective!


  2. Pity about the helmets – the routes look really good.

  3. “Please note that as per all British Cycling registered events, all riders must wear helmets …”
    CTC disapproves of compulsory helmets.