Most of you will have received an email from Derek Ridyard on behalf of the committee including a paragraph on a proposal to change the name of our club to West Surrey Cycling Club. Most clubs calling themselves ‘X.. Y.. Cycling Club’ are wholly or mainly concerned with racing, and I suggest that our name could, or maybe should, differentiate us from them, by including the word ‘Leisure’ for example.
‘West Surrey Leisure Cycling Club’ is a word longer – maybe too long.
‘West Surrey Leisure Cyclists’ loses the word ‘club’ which we might prefer to keep.
Maybe you have a better idea.
Just food for thought.


  1. Thanks to all for your thoughtful comments (and to those who emailed me with their thoughts and support for the proposed name change). As you can probably imagine, a number of permutations were considered but in the end the committee had to come up with a concrete proposal to put the membership at the AGM on 2 November. We have opted for a formulation that drops the “CTC” tag because it will become increasingly hard for prospective members to understand and associate with, and included the word “club” because we felt that is an important part of our identity.

  2. West Surrey CTC sounds just fine to me. I never favoured the name change to Cycling UK. (Member since 1997, reconnecting in retirement).

  3. Another small thought on name. Perhaps less might be more, so that we don’t get (wrongly) pigeon-holed, and also leave ourselves scope to broaden our activities in the future. I guess the committee has already considered all the permutations, but how about just – West Surrey Cycling?

    • or as another G3 rider suggested yesterday Cycling West Surrey to maintain the link with CUK.