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Louise Gagnon writes…..

A delightful ride yesterday at the Pinkneys Green remote start (near Maidenhead) with possibly our largest group in recent past  departing from that location; 25 riders making up the intrepid Wednesday Midweek Wayfarers G3 and G4 groups.

Here are a few pics with captions:


John Murdoch, the leader of the Wednesday Midweek Wayfarers, reminding a somewhat hesitant and perplexed assembly that he would do his very best to keep to only mild undulating hills.


Two of our riders making final saddle bag kit preparation as they depart the Five Horsehoes pub.


Ah, those darn shoes; the are a problem, often catching you unaware…


Phil Gasson, our super friendly G3 ride leader, chatting away with US tourists from San Antonio Texas while on a quick stop in a sleepy English village.


Those same San Antonio Texas tourists bemused by some of the saddle bag kit carried by some of our riders. The lady on the right even took a picture, presumably for the local paper.


Some of our members will go to great lengths to show their uniqueness. Silver and black go very well together indeed!

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  1. I have just received an email from Noel this morning and it appears he may be even more extravagant than we had initially thought, even signing off his email “The Silver Shoe”!

    “Hi Louise,

    Nice to see you. I had a great ride, and I left the silver shoe on the bike for my cycling lesson yesterday. I thought it was quite fetching. I happen to like shoes and for ladies Louboutin, is as good as it gets. For men, Berluti are beautiful to look at and fit like a glove. The Silver Shoe was part of the Zara Classics Collection, a Colnago C60 with an 8cm heel.

    No riding till Sunday, when I go out with C3 at 8.30am, and it is non stop for 70k, apart from a natural break if someone is falling off the back, like me. It is an alternative to touring, and keeps the heart rate up, and the endorphins pumping as we always race for the last 3k. I will be back for some more, before I exit for Australia when the hard yards start.

    Hope to see you soon.
    Nobo “