Richard Ellis has kindly brought to our attention the closure of Newark Lane, although that advice was unfortunately too late for Chris Jeggo and his group setting off from Send on Wednesday, and who had to take an alternative route.

The closure is due to last 6 months beginning on 6 January 2014, and affects routes which head out from Send or Ripley to Clandon and the Horsleys.  The main diversion would be to use the Old Woking – Send route (past the Send New inn) and up to the main roundabout on the old A3.

Depending on where the Newark Lane closure starts and finishes, it may be possible to turn left at the garage on the Send road, along Send Marsh Lane ending at the 7 stars pub on Newark Lane.  However, this could be tricky, as it is very narrow in parts and likely to be used by motorists also affected by the closure.

Ride leaders should certainly note this information, as well as members generally who head in this direction.

Newark Lane is the road on which the blue dot is situated.

  1. Please and you tell me if Newark lane bridges are closed for cycles.

  2. Two stories seem to have got combined here. On Wednesday I found Ripley Road, S of its junction with Tythebarns Lane, closed at the Send Prison entrance, so could not get directly to E Clandon. This was for resurfacing and is probably complete by now.

    The Newark Lane closure is for structural repairs on three bridges near Newark Mill, starting, as you say, on 6 Jan 14, for 6 months. This will not affect routes S of the Seven Stars PH. This webpage has all the details:

    Best regards,

    Chris J