My usual Saturday MTB ride became a mudfest at the weekend. We went along the Christmas pie trail, which is kind of sloppy muddy after any rain, so it was very sloppy. Just around Normandy, the bridlepath has been closed because Thames Water are doing something or other to the mains, meaning a longer and even more muddy detour. At Tongham we turned left, up to the Hog’s back, down towards Sands & back via Puttenham Common. Forget spending money on mudpacks etc, just go mountain biking on a wet day!

2015-11-07 10.08.15


  1. “My usual Saturday MTB ride”

    How would any member find out about these rides.
    Can these be posted on the website calendar please?

  2. Where is the closure on the Christmas Pie trail now? Last time I used the trail it was between Tongham and Ash Green.
    On Sunday I had planned to use the trail from Ash Green to Wood Street Village, but when I got to the Ash Green end, I took a long look, turned round and used the Aldershot Road. Sounds from what you say as if that was a good decision.