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Pat Daffarn writes. . . .

LIGHTS TO BE SEEN are so that cars don’t take you out – start with reflectors on pedals, rear and front, they are very effective, then add flashing lights front and rear.  Flashing allows car drivers and other cyclists to differentiate cyclists from distant cars.  Legally the reflectors and lights must be fixed to your bike and can be enhanced with reflective clothing.

LIGHTS TO SEE are so you can steer round objects and holes on and off road – more bright (and expensive) than Lights To Be Seen, however good cycle lights can be used for other tasks – sailing, skiing and around the home, so when you decide what you want, consider all the other uses it may have, which makes it more affordable.  A good LIGHTS TO SEE comparison  is on the Wiggle site, 12% discounted in the CTC shop, but do shop around.

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