Cycling Needs You on Sunday morning, 24thSeptember for a Child Friendly Kidical Mass ride for safer cycling and to influence Surrey County Council’s Local Cycling & Walking Infrastructure Plans.

Meet: at 09:15 for a 10am start to lead cyclists in from the Park & Rides to arrive at G-LIVE green by 10.45 for an 11am mass ride.

Watch video at we expected 30, got over 300.

24th Sept Kidical Mass Ride happens to be on Guildford’s Car Free Day, but GBC are not providing extra (or any) Park & Ride buses or allowing cycling.  Can’t make that up!

Cyclists plan to mitigate GBC’s lack of transport by leading rides from all four of Guildford’s Park & Rides cycling to the lawn by G-LIVE for the Kidical Mass Ride start.  G-LIVE are supportive, making toilets etc available.

Park & Ride routes are under 3 miles and on , the main mass event is 2.5 miles.

G-BUG will have a stand at Car Free Day and invite you and other cycle clubs to join in and help Surrey County Council develop the Guildford Borough Local Cycling & Walking Infrastructure Plan by saying and marking up what you think is needed. LCWIP team has accepted everything we suggested, so say what you want and enjoy the day, but do not fund the car parks.

Bring cycle locks to use GBC’s manned cycle park in Allen House Court and explore the Car Free Day market stalls, no details yet, but expect food and fun.

Club Colours would be excellent; however, we are asking Marshals to wear high vis vests for the P&R and Mass Ride. I can loan.

Spond 24th September, Sign up.

Kind Regards

Pat Daffarn

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  1. 279 cyclists turn up on Sunday 24th September, to be led by Pat Daffarn with Laurie Mutch as Back Marker. Laurie got chased by the boys with flashing blue lights in the grill of their unmarked car! .
    Assisting Pat and Laurie were WSCC cyclists Nicky Hounsham, Katie Bacon, Chris Jeggo, Peter Hackman, Alan Mayger, Andy Ramsay, and to be new members Paul McCabe and Clive Worlock.
    A few photos and nice video at