• When a grown up man, abandoning himself to a mid-afternoon moment of childhood exuberance and donning faint traces of leftover chocolate ice cream around the edges of his mouth, looks at you and says “that was a cracking ride!”;
  • When a somewhat novice lady rider rolls up to you and sensing a junction coming up eagerly and without any kind of prompting asks “do you want me to sign post this one?”;
  • When you hear the laughter and the animated discussions of 14 riders six metres behind you on a quiet country lane;
  • When a very experienced lady rider who has recently re-joined our riding group looks at you and says “I am so glad I joined your ride today”;

…. then you know that ride leading can be a most exuberant and gratifying experience; one of sharing your love of cycling and your leadership with a view of putting a smile on club members faces and making sure they get home to their loved ones safe and sound at end of ride.

Then you can push the door open as you get home and say to yourself “Job Done”.

Here a few pics of a beautiful summer solstice day out with the Wednesday Midweek Wayfarers.

RC15- 2

Happy riders after lunch at the Chichester Marina



“Don’t ever order fried squid for lunch; sits heavily, you know” (Keith Stainer).


RC15- 9

Phil Gasson giving a thumbs up to a new rider (Susi Thrower).



“So boring up here in space: wish we could be out there riding with the G3s… sigh”.



” Easy ride, isn’t it?” (Pat Daffarn). “Don’t know: my bum still hurts after the Lands End to John O’Groats” (John Child”).

24 June ride

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