Car Free Day is Sunday 26th September 2021   10:00am – 4:30pm

Flying elephants will fly over Guildford if it is car free, but we can do our bit.

Guildford Borough Council are closing Guildford High Street and WSCC/G-BUG/ZCG are sharing a stand of 6 tables.

Many people are put off cycling as they only know the routes they or their parents drive in cars.

Pat Daffarn with dual hat G-BUG and WSCC /Cycling UK with other WSCC members are supporting Car Free Day and aim to:

  • Show routes away from traffic, supported by physical maps and webs plotaroute, ridewithGPS, google maps and the SCC cycle pages.
  • Lead small groups.
  • Ambassador the cycling benefits, including time benefit over car driving and parking
  • Explain cycle parking and security.
  • Not to actively recruit for WSCC, but if asked, we will supply our calling card.

So far GBC have various markets (Ethical Vegan, Rural Crafts, Antiques, Farmers’), stalls (street food, environmental groups, local groups including GBUG/WSCC), street play for children, street performers and allowing for businesses to have tables and chairs out on the pavement/road.

If you would like to support, speak to Pat on 07801713518.  He will post more information like start and end times when he gets them.

In the mean time the SCC Transport Plan presentation is worth viewing  Transport accounted for 46% of Surrey’s carbon emissions in 2019. Surrey plans to reduce its carbon footprint by 60% by 2035, and to zero by 2050, mostly by improved public transport cycling, walking with facilities within 20 minutes.

Note “Segregated or low speed, traffic calmed routes, with cyclists and pedestrians having separate routes” with “Segregated Cycle Lanes” defined as “A path for cyclists that is separate to motor traffic and pedestrians .”

Do SCC really plan to increase cycling by removing cycles from the shared use paths?

Pat Daffarn

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