Walnut Tree Close Trial: Use it or lose it! Your chance to comment to Surrey County Council

You may be aware that Surrey County Council (SCC) is conducting a trial on Walnut Tree Close which is intended to improve traffic flow and provide a safe(r) corridor to/from the station and town centre for cyclists. A section has been converted to one-way flow outbound for motor vehicles, but still allowing two-way flow for cyclists. The trial runs until February 17th.

Obviously, this is a very unusual time in many ways, not least the changes to people’s local travel patterns, but we hope you will try and cycle this route and feedback your opinions to SCC using a special email WalnutTreeClose.Trial@surreycc.gov.uk. It would be helpful if you could copy your response to info@g-bug.org, so that we may gauge views.

If the arrangement is to be made permanent, SCC needs evidence that cyclists support and use the route.  We hope you will be supportive and constructive. Inevitably, any such scheme is controversial; we can expect opposition from a vocal minority, and we think it important that views of cyclists are heard.

Further details can be found on our website http://www.g-bug.org/walnut-tree-close-trial/.

Safe Cycling

The G-Bug Team