Open Meeting with Surrey Police Tuesday 30th Jan, 6pm @ GBC Offices

An important meeting with the police and Guildford Borough Council is taking place in the main Council Chambers on 30th January to discuss cycling issues in Guildford.

We would like as many cyclists as possible to attend and to contribute to the debate.

Some of the topics to be discussed include the following:

  1. Close passing #TooCloseForComfort Campaign: how can G-Bug help Surrey Police.
  2. How can people cycling help the police address the few deliberate aggressive people driving and also those who are perhaps unaware of their actions. What information do the Police need and in what format to take up the case.
  3. How can we break down the “cyclist vs car driver” mentality
  4. Does Surrey Police support better cycling and walking facilities and is there anything they can do to help push the case at a council level.

Please come along!

Pat Daffarn

  1. I also intend to attend!

  2. Pat, I shall be very interested to join you in a discussion of all these important issues.