From L to R:  Chris Jeggo, David Wells, Clive Williamson, George Upton, John Harper, Gordon Appleby, Basil Vowler, John Coleman, Harold Coleman, Mark Smith (Bill Inder’s grandson), Clement Collins, Keith Parfitt, unknown tall young person above unknown short young person, Denis Gray, Bill Inder, ?, Dave Bell, Nick Muir

  1. Love these old photos. Thanks Chris!

  2. I find it interesting that to me Chris Jeggo is recognisable, but not Harold Coleman. As for bringing back trousers tucked into socks, you just need to see me on a shopping trip. Modern manufacturers don’t seem to know how to make functional trouser clips. Perhaps this photo suggests that they didn’t know 40 years ago either.

  3. No club strip in those days then. Or helmets either! I think we should bring back trousers tucked into socks.