In response to multiple requests by club members, including some of of our many new riders, we have taken steps to re-open the club kit shop with our suppliers Alé.
The link to the WSCC shop can be found at:
If you click this link, it will ask you to either log in (if you have previously created an account) or to create a new account with Alé.  But if you prefer not to do that, no problem: the key info is set out in this email:
  • The shop will be open until Sunday 10 October, after which our orders will be collated and sent to the manufacturer for delivery to members in about 8 weeks (ie early/mid December).  Since (we are reliably informed) all other shops will be completely out of stock in the run-up to Christmas this year, this means that a club kit order could be your one and only opportunity to unwrap a present on Christmas Day!
  • You can order either direct for home delivery, or ask me to include you in a club order that I will make on your behalf.  Home delivery incurs a cost of £5 per order, whereas if you take the club order option you will have to pay the club when you order and pick up from my house (in Send) when the order arrives.
  • The product options are the same as before, namely short-sleeve jerseys, long-sleeve jerseys and gilets, which all come in either men’s or women’s fittings – so there are 6 products in all.  I have posted pictures of the items along with prices below.
  • Each of these 6 products comes in a choice of 9 sizes from X-small to XXXXX-large.
  • However, Alé requires that we order at least 5 of any one item in order to make production viable.  That means that we would need (for example) to order 5 women’s short-sleeve jerseys in order to meet the requirement, but that qualifying order can be made up from any combination of the 9 size options.
  • The product prices are around 10% LOWER than they were for the previous two options to buy.  This is a one-off concession that will apply only to this order window.  The short sleeve jerseys are £41, the long-sleeve jerseys are £49, and the gilets are £46.
  • It should be much easier for everyone to get the right size this time round, since we no have so many club members already wearing the Alé WSCC kit.  Alé’s size guide is at, but you might find it much easier to simply ask fellow club members what worked for them.  There are some quirks in the sizing, especially for the short-sleeve jerseys.
This will probably be the last chance to order club kit for a while, and also the last and only chance to buy at these discounted prices.
We might buy some extra items for club stock, but if we do they will be sold on at normal (undiscounted) prices.
If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask.


Alé Prime Gilet Wind.  Club Price £46 (RRP £80)

Alé Long Sleeve Jersey, Club price £49 (RRP £85)

Alé Prime Jersey short sleeve, Club price £41 (RRP £75)