Do come and support our illustrious club by getting together for a party to celebrate the fact that in 1921 – exactly 100 years ago – the people in this picture started cycling together. This led to the creation of the Woking Section of the Windsor, Eton and Slough Section of the Metropolitan District Association of the Cyclists’ Touring Club. That, believe it or not, is US! Or at least us in a rather modified version..

We would love as many members of the club, whichever section you ride with – or even if you’re not currently riding with any group, or if you used to but don’t anymore – to get together for a summer party. It’ll be an afternoon tea party with cakes and other delicious comestibles plus a nice cup or three of tea of course. (By the way, plus fours are not obligatory dress.)

Location: MCafe at Manns of Cranleigh, 101-105, High St Cranleigh, GU6 8AY. (This will be a private event for WSCC).

Tine:  2pm-4pm

We hope you’ll ride here with your group but coming by car is fine. Bring your partner too if you like.

Tickets will be £10 per person, purchased in advance. Please either transfer the money direct to our bank account if you have the details or contact Roy Wigmore who will be able to give you our bank details.


Contact Mark Waters for more information.