Do you know this path?
There is a path from Smuggler’s Way in the Sands to Crooksbury Common that is under threat of being closed. I have shown the path in magenta.


The surface shows that the path is in regular use by walkers and cyclists and I think that I may have seen the occasional equestrian as well.

The landowner has started the process (section 31 deposit) of saying that this path is not a Right of Way. If I can find sufficient evidence of usage then it may be possible to have the path formally added to the Definitive map as a public Right of Way.

If you have used the path or know of any other people who have used it, then please get in contact with me either by phone, 01252 725888 or by email

David Ross

Footpath Secretary Farnham Ramblers
Coordinator Farnham Wayfarers