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Annual Awards and Trophies

Annual Awards & Trophies - 2017


for earning the highest number of Sunday attendance points - Clive Richardson


for earning the highest number of midweek attendance points - Neil Eason


for organising and marshalling club events: organising and running club event: 50 points; marshalling club event: 20 points - Roger Philo


awarded to the oldest rider in the club to complete the 100 mile Reliability Ride within the stipulated time limit - Peter Hackman

Goilden Crank


For making a major contribution to the club over the last year - to be awarded at the Annual Dinner


awarded to the member who has made the most amusing blunder - to be awarded at the Annual Dinner

 THE BENSTEAD CUP AWARDS – not currently presented

 BENSTEAD CUP   for earning the highest number of points under the current rules (see below) BENSTEAD LADIES SHIELD   for a lady earning the highest number of Benstead Cup points BERNARD HOWELL TROPHY  for a veteran (age 55+ by the date of the first event of the year) for earning the highest number of Benstead Cup points JUNIOR BENSTEAD CUP   for a junior (age under 18 on the date of the final eligible event of the year) earning the most Benstead Cup points Benstead Cup points are awarded as follows:

  • Non-competitive Events: for riding and completing, within the allocated time, any event organised by the club ~ 50 points OR for starting any (non-competitive) club event ~ 20 points
  • Competitive Events (Map Reading / Pace Judging / Freewheeling Competition, Treasure Hunt etc):

– event winner ~ 100 points; – other placings: 100(1-[P-1]/N) where P = position, N = no. of entrants. e.g. for 20 entries: 1st = 100 points, 2nd = 95 points, 3rd = 90 points etc. Competitive events only count if there are at least 4 entrants.

  • Attendance on club runs:
  • Sunday Rides: maximum of 4 points (morning start = 1 point, mid-morning break = 1 point, lunch = 1 point, afternoon tea = 1 point)
  • Midweek Rides: 3 points.

These points will determine people’s places in the Benstead Cup attendance competition, which will be scored in the same way as a competitive club event (above), except that if there are more than 100 people in the attendance competition, then the number of entrants will be taken to be 100 and people placed lower than 100th will score 0.

For a list of CURRENT AND PAST WINNERS please refer to the Archives