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WMW Ride to Walbury Hill ~ 19 October 2016

This was a great ride, planned by Phil, which started and finished at Micheldever. It was great to cycle outside of our usual area, particularly when the route was so good….. and so quiet! There was very little traffic and what a pleasure that was! Below are some photos including one in the churchyard of St Peter’s parish church in St Mary Bourne; we stopped there for a moment to focus our thoughts for a few moments on Ron Richardson, whose funeral was today. We were a large group of 18 people for some of the ride. A couple of our number got stuck for well over an hour in a jam on the M3, following an accident, on their way to the start of the ride, so they didn’t join us till later on the ride. Other than that, the day went smoothly enough and in fine cycling conditions.

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Typecast after a couple of blogs… Saturday/Sunday 14th/15th Nov

Julian writes…. (with photos by Mark Waters) With good intention I don the lycra to ride over to the AGM in Godalming but have to clear some of the leaves and other garden rubbish before I set off. And as I get the bike out it starts to rain – hard. I don’t fancy sitting in wet clothes for hours as ther AGM works its way through the packed agenda. Change of plan, change of clothes and get the car out. “Oh you’re the one who writes the blogs.” “Yes, and you’re…….ah yes – the webmaster.” So let me ask, please can you put a counter on the blog pages so I can see if anyone reads my ramblings other than those with whom I ride and who make comment on the next ride. “Oh you are the SAD-R(?) who writes the blogs.” “Yes Bob,” but I am too polite

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Sunday Ride on 8th November with the All Day Sunday Riders

You’d think that after six weeks cycling in hilly Italy with a full touring load, I might just be fit and prepared for a good old thrash around the lanes of Surrey and Sussex. Well, you’d be wrong! I very nearly got off my bike and walked up the final hill I was so pooped! What is it about cycling that suggests that one almost seems to need to train specifically for individual disciplines. OK, so I’m not on the same bike, so my gears are nowhere near as low, plus I’ve actually not ridden my bike since getting back a fortnight ago, but really…. I thought a day out on the bike without luggage and on a lighter bike would be a walk in the park. It wasn’t! But it was still great fun, helped by being in the best company, although our ranks were somewhat meagre – a

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