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Tour of the Hills Catering “gros fromage” – Replacement Needed for 2016!

image1The Tour of the Hills event, held yearly in August at Seale and brilliantly organised by Don Gray, is the major source of funding for the West Surrey CTC.  Such funding is essential as it allows our club to partially subsidise a wide variety of things which are dear to us, from the purchase of club shirts, an occasional CTC membership for a member in need, first aid training for ride leaders, refreshments at AGM or club events, etc.

I have thoroughly enjoyed assisting Don by organising the catering for the 160 plus riders we typically get but time for a change after 3 years in the job so this position of “Catering Big Cheese” will become vacant in 2016.  Not much to it:

  • recruiting the best volunteers for the job (already a fantastic crew of 6 on hand!)
  • purchasing the food a few days prior to the event and delivering it to the hall on the day
  • overseeing the catering operation on the day
  • providing audit paperwork for all expenditures to the club Treasurer on completionAll in all it is a fun job and it only takes a full day on event day plus an extra 15 hours of your time prior and after to buy the food and do the accounting.  The event this year is on 21 August 2106.For the many of you with good organisational skills, this will be a walk in the park!  If you are interested or know someone who will, please contact Louise Gagnon at .
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