Below is a list of our Ride Group Leaders, please contact them if you are interested in finding out more or would like to join a ride.

Ride Group Leaders

Ride & GradesLeaderTelephone

Rides Secretary

Phil Gasson

Woking Sunday Riders Grade 2Steve Brooks
Midweek Wayfarers Grade 2Martin Skinner
Midweek Wayfarers Grade 3Phil Gasson
Midweek Wayfarers Grade 4Mark Slater
Farnham Wayfarers Grades 1 and 2David Ross or
Sunday All Day Intermediates Grade 2 Chris Jeggo
Sunday CTC Grade 2Peter Fennemore
Sunday All Day Riders Grade 4Clive Richardson or
Weekend Awayday ridesJerry Sender
Wednesday CTC Grade 2 Brian Ross
Ride Group Leaders 14 December, 2013