As many of you know already, the club’s Tour of the Hills Audax event, and the gentler Tour of the Greensand, are taking place six weeks from now, on Sunday 7 August.  

A huge thanks to the many club members who have already volunteered to help with checkpoint marshalling and catering duties, but if you would like to help too please let John Murdoch or Jill know, as I’m sure they’d be happy to hear from you.  

If you are discouraged from volunteering on the day by the fact that you will then miss out on participating in the ride (!), we have the perfect solution:  I’m planning to lead a full dress rehearsal as one of the G4 rides on Wednesday 3 August, so you’re welcome to join me then.

Also, any help you can provide with publicising the event to cycling friends and networks would be much appreciated.  We have been posting the flyer below, which contains all the essential details, in various cafés and bike-friendly locations around our area, but if you have ideas about other locations and/or forums where we might spread news about TOTH in the crucial last weeks before the event, please feel free to do so (or ask me for a copy).   


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