Do not buy from Evans Cycles; their online purchasing systems are no longer fit for purpose.
I have bought many things from Evans over many years, so when I needed a replacement bottom bracket and Evans was the only online shop (out of at least half a dozen) not showing the item as “out of stock”, I did not hesitate to order.
Two days after receiving the order confirmation email I received a second: “Unfortunately the items listed below are no longer in stock. You will not be charged for any of these items As a result we have had to cancel these items from your order and any pending reservations will be released back into your account within 2 – 5 working days.”
A week later my PayPal account still showed £24.99 reserved to Evans pending order completion. This was £25 of my money I was unable to spend.
I emailed Evans again; their two replies said: (1) “We do not take payments for orders until the order has been dispatched. Until then, the funds sit as pending with your bank until we request the funds. As the order has been cancelled, this is now down to your bank to release the funds back. If they have not been released back, please contact your bank.”, and (2) “The order has been cancelled in full for you. ?It is now down to PayPal to refund the funds. As you can see from the email we sent, the order has been cancelled and is proof that the order has been cancelled.”
I contacted PayPal, who said they could not consider cancelling a reservation until at least 30 days had passed. It was down to the merchant to cancel the reservation.
That seems entirely reasonable to me; a reservation is an arrangement between the merchant and PayPal to which I am not a party. Only Evans can cancel it.
I emailed Evans yet again. They replied: “I have just spoken with my senior advisor and we have put the cancellation request through again for you. This means the reservation should be cancelled and the funds should be released back in your account within 7 working days.”
Two weeks later Evans emailed this: “Thank you for getting in touch. We have now closed this matter. If you feel your query isn’t resolved yet, please reply to this email and we will get back to you.”
I checked my PayPal account: there was still £25 of my own money I could not spend, so I replied to Evans to say that the matter was not closed until they had cancelled their reservation, and I contacted PayPal again.
Their representative replied: “I perfectly understand that you wanted to cancel the transaction you have with EVANS CYCLES LIMITED and upon checking,since it was still under a pending authorization, they are the only one who has an access to cancel it for we only have an option to cancel it after at least 30 days. For your convenience, I will be the one to send a notification to the account manager of the merchant for them to cancel the authorization on their end. For the cancellation of this, I don’t want to provide any guarantee when it will get cancelled for we don’t have any control about their cancellation process.”
That seems to have done the trick. The reservation disappeared from my PayPal account one 31-day month after the original order, a period which included a good few hours of hassle I did not need, and at the end of it I still needed a bottom bracket.
Evans Cycles haven’t a clue how to run an online business. Just look at their reviews on Trustpilot. I shall not be using them again.

  1. I could tell a similar story about PayPal and for that reason have nothing to do with them!

  2. Brexit, Covid-19 and now Truck Drivers.
    The best deals are always “out of stock”, “click to be notified when back in stock” or the order takes three months to arrive.
    Having said that, my new tripple crank to replace the worn out double and it’s rider, was sourced by Amazon from Spain….ok….it arrived after The Tour of The Hills and the Barhatch bastard, but it arrived.

    Lesson for all, stocks are low to zero, avoid clickbate, order early and have key spares in your own bike bits box.

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