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More Tales from 16 December

Bob Mcleod writes….   I’m feeling a little guilty about abandoning the group 3 ride today. It looks as though I only started riding with them so that I could enjoy last week’s excellent Christmas dinner at the Scarlet Arms. Not true. Neither was it just because Pat was leading dressed up as a reindeer. The truth is very simple. I was enticed by the offer of Apple Crumble at the Crossways Inn at Churt, plus the added inducement of being towed home, almost to my door, by that excellent leader John Murdoch. (This is not to assume that there are not equally good leaders with group 3 but so far they have never offered their rear wheel and towed me home.) As to the photo. I shot ahead, being familiar with the opportunities this ford on the road past Little Frensham offers for a sometimes dramatic picture. It can

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