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The Bicycle Icycle 2017

West Surrey’s first event of the year took place on 19 March in mild, cloudy conditions. The roads were dry for a change and the turnout was excellent – 18 people, including two guests. The riders were: Angela Byrne, Marion and Nick Davison, Julian Allen, Chris Boggon, Clive Richardson, Chris Jeggo, Peter Hackman, Martin and Heidi Vinson, Bob McLeod, Chris Juden, Matt Carolan, Dave King, Paul Taylor and Mark Waters. Chris Wright (Alton CTC) and Andrew Grundy (East Surrey CTC) were guest riders. The Bicycle Icycle, which as mentioned above did not live up to its name thankfully, is a lumpy ride – 3,535ft of climbing in 42.5 miles. For those who rode the Phil Hampton Memorial Ride the previous day, it must have been especially challenging: hero of the day must surely be young Bobby McLeod who rode both in fine style; a couple of others found it all

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The Bicycle Icycle

Civilised start time for Goldalming and the promise(?) of croissant is an added bonus. Even the weather forecast had improved so no excuses – the ride is on. A warm welcome from Mark accompanied by tea and biscuits is forthcoming on arrival and some new faces – we are going to be joined by two Fleet cyclists. The regulars slowly arrive but it does take some serious prodding to get the second cuppa and to make the croissant appear requires feats of which I am barely capable at that time of Sunday morning – but I am rewarded for my efforts. Then the prodding is the other way – you lot should get going. Yes Mr Chairman – anything you say! It should be noted that Clive is remodelling himself – he was early! Yup, I will repeat that just in case you missed it. Clive was early. Even Bob’s wife

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The Bicycle Icycle 2015

The ride took place on 15 March, starting at 09.30 although everyone was enjoying their tea and biscuits so much they actually didn’t leave the warmth of my new conservatory until 09.45. This disappointing level of enthusiasm for getting out into the fresh air wasn’t helped by the weather being significantly more dismal than on previous days: a very fine drizzle had started falling and it was decidedly un-warm. Nevertheless, the following West Surrey folk set off: Martin & Heidi Vinson, Peter Hackman, Chris Jeggo, Julian Allen, Pat Daffern and Clive Richardson (7 riders). This year I didn’t join the ride sadly since I was getting over a cough and cold – a feeble excuse, I know. The first rider back was Chris who admitted to taking a couple of shortcuts, so he’ll not be getting his points. The others rolled in not much later in a single group, at

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The Bicycle Icycle 2014

The ride, which took place on Sunday 6 April, attracted 7 people (including the organiser and your scribe), five of whom were West Surrey riders. These were Claire Hooper, Peter Hackman, Clive Richardson, Chris Boggon and a friend of his, Andrew Grundy from Tadworth; and finally Trevor Strudwick, who used to be one of us but moved to south Wales a few years back. Trevor was here to remind himself how grotty and awful our local lanes can be; he was not to be disappointed!   The forecast was poor and it rained gently on the morning of the ride, leading up to the start. In fact, although most wore waterproofs during the ride, what rain there was was light. The weather could best be described as mild and dank. A thick mist surrounded Leith Hill and the higher parts of the Surrey Hills. It was not the kind of

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