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Old Rides Lists

I have added three more old rides lists to the archives, from 20 years ago, 25 years ago and 30 years ago. Happy New Year!

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An Essential Spare

In the latest Audax UK magazine ‘Arrivée’ there is an article by Neil Goldsmith about his experiences as principal mechanic at the remote Eskdalemuir control assisting the 1500 riders on the 2017 London-Edinburgh-London ride. Here is an excerpt from it. “We had one rider who had broken his gear hanger. Unfortunately there was nothing we could do for him. All carbon, aluminium and many titanium frames have replaceable gear hangers. A gear hanger is a sacrificial part designed to break to save the frame. There are around 200 variations of gear hanger and bike shops buy them in to order. It is a roadside repair to change a gear hanger if you have one with you, and impossible without a hanger which fits. Gear hangers are easily sourced online. I regard them as an essential spare to carry along with spare tubes.” They are very small and light and can

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Cycling the Lee Valley (Olympic) Velodrome

We have an opportunity to make a block WSCTC booking for a track session at the Lee Valley (Olympic) Velodrome in Stratford.  This would involve an 80 minute exclusive session for 16 riders, to include bike/helmet hire, instruction on velodrome cycling, and the chance for each rider to do an individual timed lap and see their name up in lights on the scoreboard.  Anyone who has had the chance to cycle at the Velodrome before will know that it is a great experience. I have made a provisional reservation with the Velodrome for a session at 6pm on Friday 2 February, but need to get back to them to confirm this very shortly. This would allow us to get to the venue without too much involvement in the rush hour crush, and to finish early enough to enjoy some much-needed refreshment after the session. The cost would be £53 per

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West Surrey member publishes cycle-touring book

While the Sunday All-Day Intermediates were enjoying elevenses at Pilgrim Cycles at West Humble who should walk in but long-standing member Clive Williamson. I expect that very few reading this will remember him, for he is now 86 and says that he no longer keeps up with club rides.  To jog your memories you could look at the first two photographs on this archive page.  He lives in Walton and rode with the Weybridge Wheelers until that club’s demise, and now he is a member of Little Ron’s club, the Hounslow and District Wheelers. Only a couple of months ago he published a book describing a selection of his many world-wide cycle tours.  ‘Life Cycle’ is a substantial, well-produced paperback describing 18 tours widely scattered across the northern hemisphere, and is well illustrated with photographs and maps.  Many of the tours were solo, or with a single companion, enabling/requiring Clive

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Rastatt cycling trip

Many years ago, Rico Signore and Geoff Smith organised a twinning trip with Rastatt in Germany, and those who were fortunate enough to go will recall it as an unforgettable experience. That city are now planning a very special tour next year to celebrate their 50th such event, and again have invited friends from Woking, as well as their other twin town of Ostrov in the Czech Republic.  The plan is for the tour to take place from 29th August to 10th September 2018, and the invitation is for 3 cyclists from our club, plus a car driver to provide support.  The tour will start with a special welcome in Rastatt, followed the next day with a drive to Orange in France, another twin town.  There will be another welcome in Orange, for those who have recovered sufficiently from the night before. The cycling starts the following day from the

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Safe cycling routes in Guildford. Tell the council what you think about their new plans

Surrey Council have released their plans for a new Sustainable Movement Corridor (West) to help improve sustainable travel from the Research Park to the station. Please help us make it better by commenting today   We think the plans don’t go far enough and we need your help to improve the route for those who want to cycle this route safely. Have a look at the plans here and then go to the Surrey Council website to make your voice heard by this Sunday 29th October. Here’s some of our feedback that you might want to include in your response: The planned SMC(West) will have many stops and delays for cyclists. It is essential to minimise waiting times at junctions, exits etc, otherwise cyclists will be tempted to take risks, or just stay on the road, and the plans will not create a significant modal shift. Priority must be given to

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West Surrey Cycle Clothing – New Order

      A new order for West Surrey cycle clothing will shortly be placed, so now is the time to refresh your own cycling wardrobe. The committee have agreed to provide a generous discount on all clothing, to encourage West Surrey members to wear our own branded kit.  This subsidy includes a commitment to cover the cost of any surcharges levied by our supplier for low order volumes, which means for the first time we can quote a guaranteed price for reach item, no matter what quantity is ordered. Our ability to provide this subsidy results from the profits made on club events such as the Tour of the Hills, and our wish to give this back for the benefit of members.  Therefore, those who helped out on events this year can be rewarded for their contribution, and those who did not can also benefit, and no doubt make

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Porto Pollensa apartment

Alison has posted a new slideshow of her holiday apartment in Porto Pollensa on the ‘For Sale and Wanted’ page. have a look at it here

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Louise in Canada:

To fellow West Surrey-ites, Just to let you know how our old pal Louise is doing back home in Ottawa. She’s flying the flag as always for safer and more inclusive cycling, The link below shows one of her four volunteer jobs, riding a £7,000 Danish bike and helping to give the old folk a lot of pleasure:   click here to see video She sends her friends in the club her very best wishes.   Paul Gillingham

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The Dole Run – in praise of Granny rings

The phone rings on Tuesday evening. “Are you coming out on the Dole Run?” “Yes.” “That’s good. Do you like hills?” “They’re ok.” “Meet at Brooks Cycles, Welshpool at….” “10am?” “Yes that’s right. See you tomorrow.” “Until tomorrow then.” Just after 9am I set out for Welshpool, nervously wondering what I had let myself in for. I had been reassured that the Dole Run was a more civilised pace and more social. Arriving at the shop in good time I went in and there was one person waiting – Yogi. We introduced ourselves and I met the shop owner as well. Brooks Cycles is a sponsor of the club. In the end six of us turned up, two of whom I knew and we set off just after 10am. We did a tour around the block to arrive within 20 yards from where we started and then turned into Church

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