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Monthly archive for May 2013

Sunday Riders ~ 26 May 2013

Following the excellent trip round the Isle of Wight which was marred only by the fact that I was riding my lovely, but slow Bike Friday, with the weather looking promising I decided to take the Eddy Merckx out for its first long ride, in order to try and redeem myself on the speed stakes. Frankly I don’t like people having to wait for me on rides and they had to do a lot of that on the IoW! Not so today, I’m glad to say. Nine of us gathered at Guildford Station and it’ll hopefully teach me a lesson that I didn’t record the names of everyone in the group. Those whose names I can remember are Clive Richardson, Martin Vinson, Chris Boggon, Tim Bar, Peter Hackman, Mark …(?), two others who sadly have to remain nameless and myself. Leader Clive, who’s a fit guy, started by taking us

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Isle of Wight ~ Wednesday Ride 22 May 2013

Great to get away from the West Surrey area for a change. Two groups headed IoW-wards: one was a group of four aiming to circumnavigate the island following the signed route, which is a 60+ mile bash comprising numerous hills and some flatter sections. Having ridden round the island twice previously in a clockwise direction, I was keen to do it the other way round and was pleased when everyone seemed happy to do it that way. Group members were John Murdoch, Nick Davison, Pete Chimes and yours truly. Below are a few photos taken on the ride. There’s no news about the other group at present, although some may be forthcoming later. (It’s OK, they’re not lost and still over there!) As you can see, the weather was dry but generally overcast. Temperature-wise, it could have been warmer but compared to recent weather, it was pretty good. The photo

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