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Monthly archive for April 2012

Cycle Theft Prevention

Here’s something useful sent in by Nick D. Winston Churchill once described the Second World War as history’s most avoidable war; could bike theft be our most avoidable crime? The growing problem of bicycle theft (over ½ million last year) is relatively easily tackled. A very cost effective piece of the jigsaw of deterrants, designed to prevent crime, can be utilized by any club member. Possession is still nine tenths of the law. Look at the Home Office web-site and you will see that they strongly advise people to mark their possessions. The reason is quite simple: if the Police or Trading Standards come across suspected stolen goods, they need to have some identification on the items so that they can be linked to the crime. Otherwise they’re wasting their time, as the courts will not support any action for stealing or dealing in stolen property unless there is proof

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Wanted ~ Sports Physiotherapist

Chris Jeggo asks, Can anyone recommend a physiotherapist in the Woking area who specialises in cycling? Chris Jeggo ~ Tel. 01483 870218

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Special Events in the West Surrey Area

Cycle jumbles, sportives, trips away and, this year, Olympic events. Check out the list above. Feel free to contact Mark to advise him of any other special events which you think could be of interest to other members.

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A Few New Cycle Jersey Designs

Comments welcome on several designs using colours different to our usual yellow and green. Obviously it’s impossible to be certain that the colours you see will be the exact colours you get, but such details will of course be checked before the design is finalised. Contact Mark if you’d like to try your hand at designing – he can send you links to several on-line design sites used in the design of the above. Or google for Impsport and Owayo. If you can get the lettering function to work on the Impsport site do let me know how you managed it!

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The Bicycle Icycle 70km Bike Ride ~ 1 April 2012

The ride attracted 18 people, twelve of whom were West Surrey riders. These were Peter Hackman, Matt Carolan, Clive Richardson, Helen Juden, Chris Juden, Huw Hitchin, Chris Jeggo, Anne Etherington, Bob McLeod, Chris Boggon, Roger Philo and Mark Waters, the organiser. We also welcomed riders from further afield: Peter Weston & David Funnell (West Sussex); John Beer & Alex Nowicky (SW London); Mike Batchelor (West London) and Denis Crampton (Bracknell). All completed the course, except one, with the first riders home completing the course in 3 hours 55 minutes, which, interestingly, was identical to the two previous years. It’s a fabulously scenic route, if a bit hilly. Fortunately the weather didn’t make our bicycles icy; in fact the sun shone out of a clear, sunny sky, although a couple more degrees up the celsius scale would have gone down well. The picture above shows a few of us relaxing after

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